Various Ways to Wear Jumpsuit

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There’s no question that jumpsuits are a statement type. The all-in-one head-to-toe ensemble produces a stunning look that pushes into more trendy territories beyond a plain dress or pants and top combo. So why then, why do so many women ignore this trendworthy style? Oh, it’s not always the easiest piece of dress to pull off. Choose the wrong fit or add the wrong accessories and can switch your jumpsuit from a fashion hero to a fashion nil. Fortunately, we ‘re here to help make sure that every outfit is truly stylish. Here’s our guide on how to wear a street-style jumpsuit like a star.

Wear a belt with the jumpsuit. A belt is an important accessory to pull off a jumpsuit, particularly if you’re still unsure about the design. You’ll help define your waist in a highly flattering way by adding a belt to your jumpsuit. Even if the design is already tailored at the waist, a belt will make you look slimmer and transform a silhouette of a column into an hourglass. For those that are still new to jumpsuits, we suggest you wear your jumpsuit with a belt in a contrasting color. Doing so will bring a new dimension to the outfit and break up your jumpsuit’s straight line which may otherwise seem daunting. Try matching your belt ‘s color to your shoes for a well-placed outfit together.

Wear jewelry with the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits may often look a little bland without bold accessories while being a statement style. In particular, block color varieties appear to lose their wow-factor without the additional outfit dimension that accessories, such as jewelry, offer. Jewelry provides a secondary emphasis on your dress, so that your look goes beyond just the jumpsuit. It provides a fascinating detail which will attract those around you ‘s attention. Choose items, such as a chunky necklace or large pendant earrings, that will stand out. With formal jumpsuit styles, gold tends to look fantastic while a color pop can add some fun to casual styles.

Wear high heels with the jumpsuit. Although jumpsuits may be sexy, they also have a knack to pull the eye down when you look at them, making you look shorter than you are. In particular, large legs and low-waist jumpsuits are infamous for turning women of average height into mini versions of themselves. One of the easiest ways to tackle this issue is to add a pair of high heels to your look. The extra height you’ll get from the heels will help to lengthen your legs and make you look taller. Just make sure you pick sleek heels rather than chunky ones to keep the look long and smooth.

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