Five Ways to Wear Stitching Striped Shirts

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A striped shirt is timeless. On your list of wardrobe essentials, you should have one. They come in various types, including button-down, classic stripe, or Brenton stripe. Whichever design you have, it can be paired with a pair of jeans and pumps, and you are set for a stylish brunch. In case you need fresh ideas, we have rounded up five ways to wear your favorite striped shirt.

1. Pair it with a cute skirt

Make your striped shirt look cute by combining it with a mini skirt. A double striped shirt tucked in a one-color shade skirt is a good combo. Complete the look with knee-length boots, and it will make a perfect fall-weather outfit.

2. Match the striped shirt with denim shorts

The best summer fashion would be a combination of a striped button-down shirt with ragged denim shorts. It adds an element of classiness to any basic look. Tie a knot at the waist and wear sandals for a doubly look.

3. Turn your striped shirt into a dress

You can wear an oversized striped shirt as a dress. This outfit is stylish and unique. Pair it with leggings or tights to look cute. Complement the look with accessories like a different-colored bag.

4. Pair it with a tailored blazer

Do you want a professional look? A striped shirt can be a lovely addition to any formal wear. When paired with a tailored blazer and bright colored pants, accessorized with a belt and sunglasses, it draws the eyes and adds a little pizzazz to the overall look. Pop in closed-toe heels for a stylish young look.

5. Print mix your shirt and bottoms

Mixing prints is incredible; you only need to stick to making sure both prints are the same. It can be florals, tribal, wide stripes so long they color coordinate.

For those in love with striped shirts, you don’t have to be boring and stick to one style. Accessorize your outfits in a fun way to always achieve a different look. For a medium, look go for neutral colors, and for more emphasis, go for brighter accessories.

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