How to Wear the Temperament Striped Coat?

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Getting your fashion and dressing sense is particularly as it helps in building a first positive impression whenever you meet anyone. This is why it is vital that you avoid some of the common fashion mistakes and ensure that the outfit you are wearing is comfortable and looks in sync as well as stylish. Amongst the different clothing accessories and outfits, the temperament striped coat is pretty special and it makes the women wearing it look extremely confident as well as suave. If you are looking to purchase the temperament striped coat it is essential that you choose a coat that is versatile and match well with most of your outfits. Ideally you want a coat that you can put on most of the dresses in your wardrobe so that you don’t have to purchase a new coat for your different outfits.

Temperament Casual Suit Chiffon Striped Jacket

Another important thing to remember when purchasing the striped coat is that you must look for coats manufactured by prominent or reliable brands who have a history of good products and clothing range. This is because you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your clothes. You must also explore the different designs, colors, patterns and see what suits your requirements the best. The customer feedback also provides a significant to the quality of the coat that you want to purchase.

Wearing temperament striped coat

There are various ways in which you can combine the striped coat with your outfit. The key lies in keeping it subtle and not going extravagant or overboard when you are trying outfits. Keeping it simple through smart choices will ensure that you look classy, elegant and confident. Let us have a look.

rachel wool coat – blue plaid

White striped coat with white t-shirt and cuffed jeans: This combination is one of the best when it comes to wearing the temperament striped coat. It’s an iconic look where you combine white and navy striped pattern with the cuffed jeans and the whole appearance looks very stylish. You can pair this striped coat with the white and combining it a well looking cuffed or ripped jeans gives you a winner on your wardrobe. You can add the pointed-toe heels to complete the professional look.

Changing Seasons Beige Striped Cardigan

Black and white striped coat with the grey printed tee: This is a casual outfit for work which is easy to carry and yet you end up looking chic, confident and stylish. The black and white striped coat combined with graphic printed grey tee and adding a touch of boyfriend jeans makes it a fashionable look that is sure to make heads turn. You can complete the look by wearing the pink ballet flats which will complete your outfit and you get one of the most attractive dressing casual combinations which you can wear to work, parties and other different types of events.

leslie wool coat – blue plaid

Besides this there are several ways in which you can combine the temperament striped coat with your different outfits and make it a winning combination.

Printed Textured Coat

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