Top 6 Shapewear That Every Women Should Know

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Most women do not put enough thought into what goes under their clothes.   Do you know that what we wear under our clothes can make or break an entire outfit?  No matter, everyone could use a little help smoothing things out on certain occasion.  Undergarments are essential items to make our outfits look best.  The best thing to do is to get some shapewear.  These foundation garments can nip and tuck.  You can immediately see a difference when it is layered under your outfit especially when wearing a form-fitting dress.  Many turn to shapewear to to shrink their bodies and the right shapewear has the power to enhance the natural curves and help the clothes to look and fit better.  Here are 6 shapewear from Lover-Beauty that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Waist Trainer 

This Black 4 Steel Boned Lace Waist Cincher features structured boning and smoothing fabric that works together to offer an hour-glass shape.  Looking like a corset, it has adjustable hook closure in the middle to let you adjust the fit to your liking.  Great for those who want abdominal support.  This affordable waist trainer is very comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

  Black 4 Steel Boned Large Size Latex Lace Waist Cincher Higher Power

Butt Lifters

Butt lifter shapewear is meant to give a woman an hourglass figure by disguising problem areas and enhancing the midsection.  Whether one is naturally curvy or needs a little help bringing out the curves, the best butt lifters will work miracles like this Nude High Waist Buttock Lifter.  This shapewear is easy to wear, enhances your derriere making it look bigger and firmer.  Great for wearing under dresses, skirts, shorts and pants.


Nude High Waist Plus Size Body Shaper Buttock Lifter Curve Creator

Full Body Shaper

A full body shaper like this Nude Boyleg Body Shaper hugs you in all the right places.  It offers more compression and you can even wear your own bra if you prefer.  It has an all-over smoothing benefits with a bottom closure that offer the convenient in the bathroom.

Elastic Nude Boyleg Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Fat Burning

Shapewear Bra

Some bras create unwanted lines and bulges, but this seamless shapewear bra has smoothing fabric to get rid of bra-induced back-fat. It also features wide shoulder straps with adjustable sliders ensure close-fitting and for shock-absorbing during activities.  It is comfortable to wear, supportive and looks great under clothing.

Black Seamless Shapewear Bra Removable Pads Light Control

Bodyshaper Shorts

The body shaper shorts like this seamless shorts are hip and thigh shaping.  It is lightweight and will smooth without feeling too constricting.  They are perfect to be worn under skirts culottes, Bermuda shorts and jeans.

Black Seamless Large Size Body Shaper Shorts Curve Slimmer

Arm Slimming Shaper

Shapewear is not just for your mid-section and derriere.  This 3/4 Sleeve Shapewear Bra Body Shapewear compression garment is for smoothing and slimming the arms under long sleeve tops and dresses.   Made from thin fabric that will fit under layers and is designed to reduce the jiggling of sagging skin.  This is a one-piece style so you do not have to worry about the sleeves rolling down.

All the above are wholesale shapewear that are very affordable and definitely a must-have in women’s lingerie closet.

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