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Since Mansur Gavriel launched his collection of bags, the bucket bag has become revolutionized and how not to become popular if it is the wallet where you can put everything you want and keep it looking super chic, depending on your style, then get this design in the colors and materials you want, we recommend vegan leather in solid colors like black but you can choose any other but if you are a fan of colors, you are in luck, because this bag looks fabulous in bright colors like blue or blue, pink, those two are just some of my favorite colors but there are hundreds more that I would like to add to my collection.

Pleated bucket bag

I know that small wallets are back in fashion but unless you only need lipstick I think you should think of a bigger option but not as big as a tote bag, this option is much smaller and much chicer, it is easier to wear every day and looks good with whatever you wear, Alexander Wang and Jimmy Choo even made inlays on their bucket bags, because they obviously know they are the season’s favorites and they came up with an extravagant option for a night out or an elegant event.

Ruched bucket bag

There are hundreds of brands doing the same and making their own version of this portfolio so you can choose the one you like the most depending on your style and your budget, from Louis Vuitton to H&M, there are hundreds of options out there waiting for you to choose one of them, but keep in mind that the material greatly influences how you are going to use it for a long time, from the most basic look to an elegant dress you can have a bucket bag for every occasion.



Bembien Alma Woven Leather Tote Bag

Beyond comfort, this portfolio is something changeable, it shows that trends always return in a more sophisticated way than before and that means that you have to invest in pieces that are really worth it and that you know that you will be able to use it through the time, quality pieces that will always be there for when you need an accessory that helps you complete the look, you always have to be one step ahead in terms of fashion and how to have the timeless wardrobe that despite the years you always go to be able to use all those pieces again because they are of very good quality.

Braided bucket bag

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