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Killing animals to make coats, bags, shoes and other accessories is a thing of the past. After the faux fur wave – coats imitating fur – fashion bets on fabrics and textures that replace the snake scale and crocodile leather. And nothing better than having style and prioritizing the environment.

While some brands, such as Prada and Fendi, ignore this demand and disregard ONGs active in the cause, several consumers invest only in environmentally friendly companies.

Chain Textured Solid Shoulder Bag

The crocodile pattern bag

Among the various materials used in making bags, the one that imitates crocodile leather is one of the most well-known and valued, being considered even a sign of status. Three times more resistant than imitation bovine leather and with unique designs, the crocodile print is one of the favorites among women looking to compose an exclusive and timeless look.

Are you interested in buying a crocodile pattern bag? Then you will love this news: several stores offer a beautiful collection of bags made of this material.


Crocodile pattern bags: how to use and care

Like other accessories made in an exotic pattern, bags made in crocodile pattern must be used with plain pieces or with simple engravings. Because its texture rich in details calls for the use of pieces with neutral colors, such as white, black, gray and beige.

To keep your crocodile pattern bag always clean and shiny, use avocado oil and hydrogen peroxide.

Women Designer Shoulder Bag Fashion PU Leather Messenger Bag Girl’s Crocodile Pattern Bag

The need for women’s bags

Nowadays the bag is practically the extension of a woman’s body. Faithful owner of secrets and intimacies, the crocodile print bag reflects its owner’s personality, from the inside, with its peculiar organizations, to the outside, which conveys a little of what she wants to look like. But it wasn’t always like that, there were times when women didn’t know how much they needed them.

It is not possible to say exactly when the exchange started, but some historical records give us the idea that it is as old as human civilization itself.

Women’s Handbag Solid Color All-Match Crocodile Print Bag

What goes with the crocodile pattern bag?

The reptilian texture is a classic in the world of handbags and can compose both refined looks and more modern looks. Everything will depend on which model and look you will choose. Most prefer this way, versatile trends, which can fit within their own style!

So, if your wardrobe is full of pieces with minimalist style and you love sophisticate and classic looks, how about thinking about the crocodile pattern bag as a high fashion touch? This makes the all black look get out of the basics and gain status as an elegant fashionista.

Orange H1021 Cayman Rectangle Crocodile Print Bag

In addition to the monochromatic looks, mixing animal texture with jeans is also an elevated basic, which is out of the ordinary. As an iconic item of clothing, jeans offer versatility in composition, leaving you freer to add even a few points of light to your clothes.

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