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A change in what we wear comes with the change of seasons (and fall in temperatures), whether it’s piling on the layers or moving our wardrobes from bright colors to a palette of neutrals. Sometimes, our light-wash jeans go with them while we bring our cutoff shorts into storage before the warm weather returns. We are taking a different approach to our wardrobes this season, however. Light-wash jeans for the winter have become a major trend, right up there with vivid neon colors and soft pastels. Although it may be a little shocking, we have to admit that it is pretty refreshing. When the weather gets colder, there is no way we’re reaching for our light denim wash. But what happens to winter? If you are curious if when the temperatures drop, you can wear light wash jeans, don’t stow them away, you certainly can!

The Super-Soft Wide Leg Jean

A pair of light-wash jeans will break up your winter sets in the best way possible, as tempting as it is to reach for your regular black skinnies or a pair of cool dark-wash jeans for a winter day. We know it is for us. So today we have rounded up looks and styles from our favorite outfit combinations to show you what we say, who might just persuade you to wear this style every day of the season. Check all of them out below.

Carlo Speckled Rancher

You can play with colors. To reach for hues that are on-trend for the season is the fastest route to a winter-appropriate ensemble. For instant fall-feel, top your light wash jeans with rich tones such as mustard, burgundy and teal. Don’t be afraid to pair two bold colors together for the sun is setting too early, after all.

Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans

You can layer like a winter pro. Baby, outside it’s freezing. Bundle up with your favorite cold-weather layers like puffer vests, jackets, and coatigan (yes, they’re a thing) sweaters this winter. Ready to give the pro (athletes) a cue? Style your light jeans with an athletic-inspired sweatshirt, a baseball cap and sneakers. Talk about a win that is easy.

You better dress them up. The holidays are on the horizon, so break your light wash jeans out to usher in your calendar at any moment. For the remainder of your look, use your denim as a foundation and add your favorite on-trend pieces du jour, such as silky smooth velvet, glossy metallics and eye-popping accessories.

PacSun Hopper Patch Mom Jeans

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