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After a long day at the office, you need a comfy t-shirt to relax into and simply a glass of wine, along with your favorite T.V. show. That is my type of relaxing, and I know most women prefer that at least some times. It is known as your own time. Comfort appeals to anyone, whether it is a hand-me-down from your parent’s or brothers University days, or whether it is your boyfriend’s leftover t-shirt. They have that cozy feeling and the smell of that laundry powder just gives you a homely feeling. Now, that currently we are having work-from-home trends, designers thought to give your oversized t-shirts some twists and turns for great combinations.

Let us look at what kind of options do we have:

1.The Sporty T-shirt

They have a relaxed feeling and comfort fabric; these sporty t-shirts are all about comfort wear. If you are an athletic person, they are one of the best options for running and workouts. Or even simply relaxing. They are available in mostly plain patterns with or without logos, mostly with round-neck types of t-shirts. Wear it with a jeans or mini skirt, it will give you a great look.

Printed cotton-jersey T-shirt

2.That Tie Dye Colorful T-shirt

Who doesn’t want a splash of color in this sweltering heat? These incredible tye-dye t-shirts are a big hit as they go with almost anything. Made up of soft cotton fabric, it goes with trousers, cotton pants, and jeans and looks trendy and casual.

Boy Tee in Cloud Tie-Dye

3.Baggy Shirts

That oversized comfy shirt of your boyfriend that you love and have stolen it from him. These types of baggy shirts were first used only as sleepwear has now become a style icon in Fashion Industry. If you pair an oversized shirt with bottoms, it gives you a stylish look. You can pair this oversized shirt with denim shorts, or wear it with a belt and trousers. It has become quite a trend nowadays.


4.Cropped T-shirts

Oversized cropped T-shirts have become quite a trend recently. Some great cropped t-shirts made from cotton and soft fabric can be paired with jeans, skirts, trousers, or any bottoms. They give you quite a sexy look. They can be paired as a casual outfit, and some sequined, lace, or bordered designs can be paired with skirts to create a party outfit.

The Ragged Priest Refresh Cropped Tee

5.That classic striped shirt

I love any kind of shirt, but that oversized classic striped shirt is one of my favorites. These slouchy oversized shirts give you a very vintage look and are very comfortable. They can be paired with jeans or trousers and look excellent and cool in them.

BDG Sky Slouchy Button-Down Shirt

Women’s baggy clothes were never in fashion, as always, the clothes that were designed showed women’s figures. But after the plus size awareness the designers, as well as women, became more conscious of their comfort as well as style. So there came these oversized shirts. They are a good option in your wardrobe. Go and get yours now.

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