Out with the Old and In with the New: 5 Fresh Color Trends for 2023

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Out with the Old and In with the New: 5 Fresh Color Trends for 2023

Despite the fact that the muted color palette of the 1990s is more popular than it has ever been right now, the runways for spring/summer 2023 were nevertheless drenched in color. From Paris to New York, designers imbued their collections with a fresh variety of hues and tones that piqued our interest. We were particularly taken by the New York collection. And although neutrals like black, cream, and gray are very much still on the menu, a few intriguing (and unexpected) new tones are managing to make their way into our hearts and wardrobes. And neutrals like black, cream, and gray are still very much on the menu.

It’s hard to imagine that we are on the febrile cusp of a new decade, but it is indeed true. So let’s take a look at the five top color trends for 2023. Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect shade of pink to complete your living room or seeking out a dashing blue for your hallway, these colors will undoubtedly bring vibrancy and energy into any home.



  1. Phasing Out: Highlighter Hues


There is no better way to evoke the Roaring ’20s than with neons that are strong and vibrant. On the other hand, it would seem that those times are drawing to a close gradually but steadily. The neon-inspired designs that have been popular over the last few years have undeniably had a significant influence on fashion; nevertheless, the time has come to say goodbye to these trends as more subdued, and pastel tones take their place in the spotlight.

Think about colors like periwinkle, lavender, mint, and light pink since they are all great for producing an appearance that is understated but stylish. These soft pastels will provide the ideal touch of color whether you want to restock your closet with timeless neutrals or simply liven up a space that could use a new coat of paint; they’ll do either job well.

  1. Phasing Out: Tangerine


A significant number of individuals are actively working to differentiate themselves from the tangerine color trend that has been seen in a variety of retail establishments and fashion publications. The color is unquestionably lively, but there is something about it that has the potential to come across as a little excessive. Try a few more subdued oranges like terracotta or apricot rather than opting for this vibrant tone. They will still bring a touch of zip to any look without becoming overpowering.

  1. Phasing Out: Fuchsia


Why? However, really saturated hues have the ability to give off an impression of being a little bit old. This is despite the fact that fuchsia is still very much a popular color (just look at the endless celebrity looks in Valentino for evidence), and some people may come after me to express this. Because fuchsia is still very much a hue that is in demand, some people may come after me for stating this, but I personally will be avoiding bright pinks in favor of the gentler tones of ballerina pink that I saw enough of throughout the S/S 23 designs.

  1. Phasing Out: Shades of Beige


To tell you the truth, we don’t have anything against the color beige and continue to include it in many of our ensembles. It’s simply that the world of fashion seems to be shifting away from this shade as a default neutral color in a gradual but steady manner. As an alternative, designers gravitate toward various tones of a neutral gray color. Take your ideas from the presentations by Prada and Sandy Liang, where fitted clothes were put together to create a monochrome gray impression, which is an approach that we will certainly be trying out this season. If you’re searching for some new essentials, gray is a great color choice to consider.

  1. Phasing Out: Kelly Green


All hail the new It color of 2023: aqua. This electric shade of blue is set to replace kelly green as the bold hue of choice, and we’re already looking forward to wearing my favorite pieces in this fresh oceanic shade. From baby blues to teals, all kinds of aquatic shades will be hitting stores soon enough. Brighten up your wardrobe with this color that is sure to turn heads, and you’ll be all set for the upcoming season. Who knew aqua would be the next big thing? We certainly didn’t see it coming!

We can already tell that 2023 is going to be full of vibrant colors, so get ready to start stocking up on these new hues. It’s time to bid farewell to the saturated shades of greens and pinks that have been in style for the past few years and usher in a season filled with more vibrant blues and grays. The world of fashion is always changing, but one thing we can be sure of is that this coming year will be full of exciting new colors that are sure to brighten up our wardrobes. Get ready for a season full of bold and beautiful styles with these shades!

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