5 Fashion trends that are popular this year

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Right from different sleeves to oversized shirting 2020 was a year of shock and then replaced by comfortable wear like pajamas, shorts and sweats. As we grow accustomed to working from home, our priority has gone from looking good to surviving. After months of working from home in 2020, our fashion choices have (obviously) taken a back burner. We looked for lounge wear and office attire that were comfortable and stilettos and Louboutin’s were replaced by fussy slippers. But as fashion world in 2021 impresses us with different fashion wear, let us look at what experiments have succeeded and what looks good and what does not.

What can be popular in the coming year?

1.Dressing whimsically

As we could not go out and dress boldly in 2020 so much. This year we will be getting eccentric wardrobe choices, right from bold prints and dresses with a color splash to textures that truly stand out. Dressing eccentrically will make women fill different and noticed.

squiggle stripe sequin mini dress

2.Denim with wide legs

Our favorite has and will always be Denim. So, let us look at what in Denim has caused a recent curiosity in the fashion world. Remember that 70’s look, where we had a bit tighter at the thighs jeans and a broad flare at the bottom. Well, those kinds of jeans are back and have made their grand entrance, they are jeans with wide legs. They are quite comfy and look chic and casual on any occasion. So, grab those wide-legged denim jeans today.


3.Casual and Office Wear combo

As we grow accustomed to lounge wear even while doing our office work,2021 casual trends are a combination of clothes that will look good while working, comfortable while doing yoga and perfect for lounging on your sofa. It is a twist of casual wear and office wear, with a splash of trendy and some color in it.


4.Puffy sleeves and puffy dresses

Looking at the bland and depressing last year, we are looking for something bold with a flare of dramatic to elevate our mood. What is more bold than puffy dresses or puffy sleeves. A daring new wardrobe that looks voluminous and lovely. Any one won’t recognize the new you in those puffy dresses.


5.Oversized Shirts

My last’s boyfriend shirt that somehow was left with me became my favorite comfort wear. These shirts billowy and comfy have become an office staple. Whether it be usual classic button up, to, normal shirts. They provide a polished layer to your daily looks and pairing it with some great accessories will make you look great.

Oversized Sleeve Cropped Shirt

So, these are some our favorite trends this year. Which one is yours, pick one or pick all and start shopping?

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