How to Wear a Solid Color Sweater?

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The sweaters are one of the staple dressing choice of the winter as they provide you with the necessary warmth and comfort against the chilly winds and climate. Many people associate wearing sweaters as basic and something that can’t be used to make a style statement. Basically the sweaters are not considered as fashionable, stylish or trendy. However this can’t be any further from the truth. When you pair your sweaters with the right outfits and accessories you can be as glamorous and stylish as you want. These sweaters come in different designs, patterns, colors and combinations so you have got plenty of choice to experiment and try out the different things.

When matching the sweaters with your outfits, the key lies in finding the right balance between comfort and style. While you want to maximize the style quotient you must also avoid the temptation of going over the top and being extravagant. You must go with something subtle that can be effective and classy at the same time.

Pairing the solid color sweater

Let us have a look at some of the ways in which you can pair the solid color sweater with different dresses, outfits and accessories.

Wearing sweater with the pencil skirt: When you combine solid colored sweater with the pencil colored skirt it gives you one of the most glamorous and sexy look that you can have. Using this combination of the dress you can go to dinner with your friends or to office for work and since this is an extremely versatile look it means you can wear it to different occasions without looking out of place. This sophisticated and elegant combination provides you with the ultimate style statement for the winter.

All you have to do is get hold of the pencil skirt and tuck it in front of the sweater for emphasizing the proportion. You can combine this outfit with the strappy heels or even loafers and enjoy your day out stylishly.

Sweater with the cozy scarf: This is another incredibly glamorous dressing combination that you should definitely give it a go. If you have a scarf lying in your wardrobe, bring it out and combine it with one of your sweaters to get the ultimate fashionable look you crave for. The scarf when combined with the solid color sweater look gorgeous and is one of the classiest and most elegant that you can ever pull off. This is why you often see celebrities and models with scarves on sweaters as the combination is extremely attractive. Furthermore add the sunglasses and a pair of jeans to complete the whole glamorous look.

Sweater with the same colored bottoms: Another outfit combination that is worth trying is putting on a solid color sweater over the tops and bottoms of same color. It is simple, stylish, subtle and yet strangely dynamic as well as attractive. To further accentuate the look you can add a purse and flat shoes to complete the look.

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