Do you know the matching of makeup and clothing?

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Nothing better than getting ready to go out and receive several compliments, right?! There are several styles and all have their particularities and possible combinations, and it is always possible to escape the conventional with few changes.

To change the look, almost everyone invests in accessories or shoes to give it a different look, but have you ever thought about combining your look with your makeup?

There are several possible combinations that are very interesting and attract attention wherever you go. It is very simple to bet on this trend and below, you will see some tips on how to combine makeup with the look.


-Using the color circle

Based on color theory, there are three primary colors: blue, red and yellow. All other known colors exist from these three colors. If you make mixtures with the primary colors, then it generates the secondary colors that turn into green, orange and violet. When these colors are arranged side by side in a circle, it turns the color wheel, which when combined depending on the location of each color, become monochromatic, analogous or triad combinations. Colors like white, black and gray are neutral colors and serve as the basis for all other colors.

If you use the circle when assembling the look, you will be able to combine the colors creating a monochromatic look that is when you use a color in different shades, a look of similar colors that is when you take a color and the color on the side, and a triad color look where you make a triangle on the color wheel and pick a color from each side.


clinging to details

To avoid too much color in the look, you can use the one-color rule. You set up your look as usual and at the time of makeup, you do a neutral makeup using only the color somewhere, for example, only in the mouth or only in the eyes.

That way, you can match the colors without deviating from your pattern.


– Outlined is in evidence

The current trend is to use graphic and color eyeliner in addition to black, so it’s a good choice to take a color from your look and create an eyeliner with that color. It’s fun and current, in addition to matching very well.


-Following the rule of least

To avoid exaggeration, use the rule of less. Stay minimalist and when using colorful looks, bet on neutral makeup. When the look is neutral, bet on striking makeup.

Thus, you will always have the balance and achieve an elegant look.

When we talk about fashion, there is no rule or standard. And that’s the fun of it, as you can create your own combinations and express your personality through your clothes and makeup.

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