Do You Expect the Perfect Figure?

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When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you feel frustrated about your weight or feel helpless about your figure? Frequently, expectation makes the heart sick. So, when you feel disappointed about your body, you may evaluate yourself if you expect the perfect figure.

There is nothing wrong if you have an ideal figure. What is wrong is that you beat yourself too much for it. Why not try to be realistic and take it one step at a time? You cannot take everything in one snap of your fingers, but you can consistently achieve it with hard work. To begin, you may want to consider the following:

Be Refreshed

Water is one of the essential factors to flush away your body’s fats and unhealthy cholesterol. It is also the best tool to stabilize your body and be refreshed.

In this way, you need to keep drinking the right amount of water every day, and it will be better if you have your water bottle to remind you to do that.

This Bertha 40-Ounce Foam can also be your workout companion as you can put it on your back while doing sit-ups and other work out.

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Sweat It Out

To achieve your ideal figure, you need to work it out. It means you need to sweat from time to time so you can convert your calorie into drops of sweat.

A simple run or a short walk can be a big deal on your weight loss journey. To give you more push to go for a run or a walk, try out a nice pair of sneakers that are lightweight enough to make you feel comfortable.


Plan Carefully

Weight loss is never an instant achievement. It would be best if you planned it out. To be successful, you can even put it on paper using this 5&1 Fuel Tracking Weekly Journal so that you can trace your progress.

Sometimes, you cannot instantly see the fruitage of your hard work, but if you put it on paper, it can motivate you to do better each day.

5&1 Fueling Tracking WEEKLY Journal

Watch What You Eat

It is not enough to track what you lose; you also need to monitor your food intake. One of the most effective ways to lose weight is to help digestion by smoothening your food. In this way, your body will make it easier to chop down your food and distribute the nutrients in your body.



Pick Your Fashion

Since weight loss is an ongoing process, do not lose hope if you cannot look ideal right now. It is okay to feel that way, but you can always do something about it.

While you are still in the process of achieving your ideal figure, you can pick your fashion and choose the right wardrobe for you. Remember that the outfit must enhance your asset rather than expose your flaws. So consider the colors, sizes, designs, and fabric. Not all best in its look is best for you, so think carefully and pick wisely.

The truth is, you have complete control of the steering wheel on your journey to weight loss. Just make the most out of it and be resolved, never to get strayed from the right way. Remember, do not take shortcuts.

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