7 Style Tips in Wearing Pleated Skirts

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7 Style Tips for Wearing Pleated Skirts

The pleated skirt is one of those multipurpose garments that deserves a particular spot in your closet. It’s a classic that can easily improve your style thanks to its ageless charm and beautiful movement. We’ll walk you through seven professional styling techniques for pleated skirts on women in this extensive guide, so you can wear them for both business casual and everyday appearances this fall. With this adaptable piece, get ready to radiate easy elegance and create a statement.

  1. Choose Form-Flattering Fit


Choose a pleated skirt length that accentuates the contours of your body. A midi length provides a timeless, refined silhouette and is universally attractive.

For added warmth and texture, look for pleated skirts fashioned of autumn-appropriate materials like leather, tweed, or wool.

To create a chic look with the Karl Lagerfeld Paris Pleated Midi Skirt, pair it with a fitted tucked-in blouse in a complementary color. To add a hint of refinement, go for a blouse with eye-catching embellishments like ruffles or a dramatic neckline. To elongate your silhouette, think about wearing a thin belt across your waist. For a refined finish, pair the outfit with slim heels or ankle boots. Wear simple jewelry to draw attention to the pleats and overall elegance of the skirt, like stud earrings or a delicate necklace.

  1. Accessorize with Cozy Sweaters for Daily Glam


To achieve a defined waistline and a refined yet comfortable look, tuck a bulky knit sweater into your pleated skirt.

For a striking and eye-catching combo, team your pleated skirt with a textured sweater, such as a cable knit or boucle sweater.

  1. Wear Turtlenecks to Look Effortless

Ribbed Knit Turtleneck Sweater

A pleated midi skirt with a classic turtleneck makes for an elegant and professional look that works well for both daily wear and the workplace.

Choose a monochromatic outfit by matching your skirt’s shade of turtleneck to yours. This gives you a smooth, elongating appearance that makes you appear taller and thinner.

  1. Blazers for an Elegant Take on Business Casual


A polished and businesslike appearance that is ideal for meetings and presentations is achieved by teaming your pleated skirt with a well-fitting blazer.

For a more feminine silhouette and a pop of individuality, tighten your waist with a thin belt worn over the blazer.

  1. Add Layers for Added Style and Warmth

LTS Tall Dark Green Long Formal Coat

To add a layer of warmth and refinement to your pleated skirt outfit, drape a longline coat over it.

To define your waist and achieve a fitted, polished look that is appropriate for fall and both fashionable and practical, go for a belted coat.

  1. Try Out Some Footwear               

Lace & Mesh Ankle Boots – Black Textured

Ankle boots and a pleated skirt combine to create a contemporary, edgy outfit that is appropriate for daily wear. This combo gives your outfit a bit of edge.

Dress to impress in the office with a sleek, businesslike outfit that looks well with block heels or classic pumps.

You can wear a variety of chic shoe alternatives with pleated skirts. Think about donning strappy sandals or pumps for a sophisticated and timeless style. These lengthen your silhouette and give you a refined look. Choose chic sneakers or ankle boots for a more laid-back look. Pleated skirts look great with ballet flats, which offer comfort without compromising flair. Try wearing flats or boots for a more casual and adaptable combo, and heels for a dressier look, depending on the occasion.

  1. Choose Your Accessories Wisely 

VLogo Signature reversible belt

Choose a belt with a tight waist to accentuate your figure and lend refinement. For a sophisticated look, go for a fitting sweater or a top that is tucked in. Depending on the event, dress up the appearance with either traditional pumps or ankle boots. To retain a sophisticated and stylish look, accessorize with delicate jewelry like stud earrings or a delicate necklace. A structured clutch or purse can be the ideal finishing touch, elevating the style of your entire look.

Wear your pleated skirt outfit with delicate bracelets, necklaces, or earrings to elevate and feminineize your overall style.

In summary

You’ll be well on your way to perfecting the look of pleated skirts for fall with these seven professional techniques. This adaptable garment may be easily tailored to fit any event, whether your style is sophisticated business casual or everyday stylish. So go ahead, wear pleated skirts this autumn, and walk out with confidence, showcasing your exquisite style!

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