Five Combinations of Ankle Length Skirts

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If you wear volume at the bottom you can’t Still wear volume at the top and vice versa. If you’re a magic fashion unicorn too, you might just be able to pull it off, but if you’re just a normal person like me, you’ll probably find that circle-cut midi skirts look better worn with a top that’s both fitted and cropped (or tucked, in this case). In order to make the volume work, you have to define the waist, essentially, so anything that can be defined using the words “slouchy” or “oversized” is better left to the Pinterest girls – or worn with a more fitting midi skirt. I will always want to tuck it even then, to create the illusion of a waist.

Simple little “just front” tuck is a very quick way to highlight the waist, and make the overall look a little more polished, without having to tuck loads of fabric down your skirt which, AWKWARD.

Ditch straps to the ankle. Ankle strap shoes can be just as difficult to wear as midi skirts themselves, as they appear to shorten the leg as midi skirts do. (Visually, I mean, not literally.) See how those shoes draw a line across my foot, split the leg effectively into two halves and make it look a little shorter? The skirt ‘s long hem already does that, and I don’t need any support to make my legs look shorter, so although I often wear ankle straps (as I said, there’s no “rules” here …), mostly I try to stop them with longer skirts.

Many people think they shouldn’t wear a midi skirt with flats, citing the “but they’ll make my legs look shorter! “Rule as proof of this. Now, there’s no way out of the fact that flats will make your legs look shorter, and so will midi skirts, so if your aim is to make your legs look longer, then well, stick to the heels. There’s still no getting away from the fact that heels aren’t always practical, though, but again, proportion is all that. You should also be able to wear flats with it so long as your skirt isn’t super-length. My rule of thumb here is to go for pointed or almond toes rather than round ones (pointed toes lengthen the width of the foot, and thus the leg), and if I’m going to wear heels, I’m going to usually try to choose a slightly shorter skirt. Yeah, and no straps to the foot-again!

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