7 Makeup Trends for A Flawless Autumn Look

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This month has entered autumn. Just like other seasons, we definitely want our appearance to be beautiful. This year’s fall offers a variety of makeup styles that are worth trying to upgrade your everyday look. There are several fall looks that are appropriate for everyday makeup.

How to use makeup is to use sunscreen first. After sunscreen, continue with a light foundation. To disguise acne scars and panda eyes, you can use a concealer with a shade that matches your skin tone. Furthermore, apply shading on the nose area so that the nose looks sharper. Continue to the eyebrows, If the hair is light then use a slightly darker eyebrow pencil, to make the impression more assertive. Apply eyeshadow and pick a warm color. Don’t forget to use eyeliner and a little highlighter, then add mascara too. Finally, use lipstick with a slightly darker color like brown to add an elegant impression to the makeup.

  1. Clean Your FaceBefore using makeup, you are advised to clean your face first with facial soap or cleanser, then dry it with a towel. Why do you have to clean your face first? This is done to remove residual dirt and dead skin cells before using makeup. Besides that, your face will also be fresher after washing it with fresh water.
    1. Use MoisturizerMoisturizers can be useful for protecting the skin and keeping it moist. However, the use of moisturizer also should not be arbitrary. Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use a moisturizer made from aloe vera. Oily skin should use a moisturizer made from water. For dry skin, it is recommended to use an oil-based moisturizer.
      1. Add PrimerApply the primer on the surface of the facial skin evenly. This method can cover the pores and fine wrinkles on the face. This primer can also help make makeup look smoother because the skin structure has been coated. And make makeup last longer.
        1. Apply FoundationApply foundation or foundation with your fingers evenly over your face to even out skin tone and cover skin imperfections. Use a foundation that suits your skin tone and type. Cream foundations are made specifically for dry skin. Meanwhile, powder foundation is specifically for those with oily skin problems. For normal skin, you can use a liquid foundation.
          1. Concealer use

          The function of the concealer is to cover dark spots, acne scars on the face, and dark circles under the eyes. The color of the concealer is usually lighter than the original skin color because it functions as a corrector that lightens dark parts.

          1. Use Loose PowderPolish the powder all over the face using a large, soft brush. The function of loose powder is to even out the skin color of the face so the shade of powder needs to be adjusted to the skin color so that it looks natural.
            1. Blush On

      Choose colors that can increase the brightness of the face so that it looks brighter and flushed. Such as soft pink, light purple, orange, or pastel colors. The soft pink color makes us look younger. This color will make your cheeks look rosy and sweet. Apply blush on the apple of the cheek area.

      1. Trim EyebrowsUse the eyebrow kit to groom the eyebrows slowly from the bridge of the nose to the temples. Use an eyebrow pencil whose color matches your hair color so that it looks natural and not excessive. This fall, natural eyebrow makeup will be more popular. You can comb your eyebrows up and then use a thin brow gel. The eyebrow hair is left visible so that it looks natural.
        1. Select Eyeshadow

      This eyeshadow can make your eyes brighter and more beautiful by combining soft pastel colors. If you want long-lasting eyeshadow, you can use an eyeshadow primer first. Earthy eyeshadow is back in trend this year. Many makeup artists choose a warm bronze eyeshadow that suits all skin, hair, and eye tones.

      1. Use Eyeliner

      Apply a thin eyeliner in the crease of the eye. For the ends, most people use puppy eyeliner or cat eyeliner. Not only puppy and cat eyeliner, you can also use the winged eyeliner model. Winged eyeliner has always been classic and timeless. You will look beautiful and glamorous with a thin eye shadow covered with sharp winged eyeliner. Make-up is perfected with blush which has a color that matches the lipstick used. Choose a waterproof type of eyeliner so it doesn’t smudge easily.

      1. Use Mascara

      Use mascara to make your eyelashes curlier and stand out. Apply using a mascara brush at the roots of the eyelashes until past the eyelashes. For natural results, choose mascara that focuses on curling eyelashes.

      1. Use HighlightersApply highlighter to your face, starting from the nose, cheekbones, and forehead to make it look more glowing and fresh. You can use a brush or directly with your fingers.
        1. Lipstick Color


      Before using lipstick, apply a little lip balm so that the texture of your lips doesn’t dry out. You can choose fresh lipstick colors, such as peach, pink, red, coral, or orange pop. The color that really describes autumn.

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