5 Precautions for Applying Mascara

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Applying mascara is something that needs a lot of attention and patience while applying. You need to take care of certain things to make your mascara application successful. Whether a fashion fiesta or a normal girl, you must be aware of the importance of mascara to make your eyes look more adorable. Mascara plays an important role to provide the final touch to your entire makeup. Your makeup is almost undone without a stroke of mascara. But knowing the importance is not enough, you should also understand the proper steps for application as well as precautions. Here let’s discuss 5 important tips to be considered to make your eyes look like a diva.

1. Application of Translucent Powder is Beneficial

Dusting a little translucent powder before applying mascara helps to create a false eyelash effect. It also helps the mascara to last for a longer duration. Apply powder after the first coat and then proceed for one more coat. You will realise that your lashes will look more beautiful, just like false eyelashes.


2. Cover The Entire Portion of Eyelashes With Mascara

Do not just roughly apply the mascara on the outer portion of your lashes. To give a perfect look to your eyes, apply the mascara to the lashes, right from the tip to the root. Applying the mascara randomly here and there in the lashes may create a clumsy effect.

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3. Prevent Eyelashes From Clumps

Not applying the mascara evenly over eyelashes might create clumps and looks so ungraceful. To prevent the clumping of mascara in your eyelashes, avoid moving the wand slowly. Give swift horizontal strokes over the lashes using little mascara, to avoid any clumps.


4. Avoid Applying Mascara, if in a hurry

Application of mascara is a very gentle process that asks for a lot of patience. So if you are rushing for somewhere, do not experiment with the mascara. Applying mascara while in a hurry might ruin your entire makeup look too. Reapplication of the whole makeup will consume more of your time, so it’s better to avoid it when you are in a rush.

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5. Do Not Overfill The Wand

Taking a lot of mascara in the wand while application might create a dark and heavy effect. Always fill the wand with little mascara and apply it on eyelashes to provide the desired look to your eyes.

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