Trendy Wedding Gowns for the Gen Z Bride-to-Be

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Wedding dresses are these magical pieces of clothing that will make you feel like the main character of the world. They’re ethereal with their stunning designs. Contrary to what most Generation Z kids say, there are a lot of Gen Z brides that choose to be unique and express their style through their dress.

Aesthetic and modern pieces like the gen Z style is what’s popular among them. Creative, expressive, and artsy are what they most prefer. Here are Gen Z wedding dresses that go beyond the snip and snap of a designer:

Off-the-Shoulder Floral Embellished Gown

Be like a gorgeous tree with blooming flowers with this off-the-shoulder floral embellished gown. It has a sloping down style which will fit those who have inverted triangle and rectangle body shapes. The flowing bodice gives a relaxed and feminine feel.

This is a stunning wedding gown that will give your lower body volume, will give the illusion of a long neck, and show off your collarbones. Wearing this dress is a good time to also wear ostentatious necklaces and earrings to balance out the decals of the dress.

This is appropriate for garden weddings with its intricate design and floral pattern. You can wear your hair up, or half up and half down with a small wedding crown.

Rivini Style #LILIBET

Princess Dress

If you’ve seen Disney princesses and have always wondered what’s it like to be one, this puffy off-the-shoulder princess dress will let you experience being a princess at your wedding. It has a puffy skirt and sleeves that are ideal for those who want to be engulfed in gorgeous fabrics.

This kind of dress is excellent for huge weddings. It gives off a grandiose feel that will match hall room and church weddings.


Modern Separates

Nowadays, some millennial and Generation z brides want to keep it minimalist yet memorable with intimate weddings and civil unions. This is why modern separate wedding outfits are the most popular.

A fancy and sequined top gives off a statement, complemented by a plain layered skirt. This will be most appropriate for beach, backyard, or civil weddings.

Anna Campbell

Pure White

You would think that wearing an all-white dress is easy. However, it’s actually the opposite. Pure white wedding dresses are more difficult to pull off considering everything can be seen. This is why choosing an all-white dress needs to be well-thought-out.

Once you’ve made the decision to go all out with white, you also have to consider your accessories. Since you’ve chosen white already, why not pair your accessories using a pearl white jewelry set? It will make you look like a snow princess, and make you illuminate with beauty.

Pnina Tornai

Sheer Beauty

Are you looking for a minimalist beach wedding dress? Rosa Clara’s Greek-inspired wedding gown features a high-slit covered with sheer lace. The skirt’s layers flow like the water of the ocean with its sleek design. This is a classic wedding gown that you can wear to a beach, garden, or forest-themed wedding. It is most suited to wear with a braided updo.

Simple and Sweet

The Generation Z brides love being minimalist and keeping things as simple as possible. This Morilee dress will show off your natural charms, and focus on your inner beauty. It’s a plain white dress with a layered skirt that will serve you well in all seasons of the year.

To accessorize, you can opt for simple pieces of jewelry like drop earrings, pendant necklaces, or name necklaces. As for the shoes, you can invest in lace or swan-design white stilettos.

Glenda Wedding Dress

High Neckline Wedding Dress

Being creative and high fashion are some of the qualities that this generation is known for. This high neckline lace wedding dress with a sheer cape features an elegant and timeless design that is worth every penny. This is an investment dress that you can pass down as an heirloom.

It has a grandiose but simple set-up that is ideal for women who love beautiful dresses but don’t want an over-the-top design.

Georgette Wedding Dress

These wedding dresses are mostly simple, yet modern and expressive, just like the attributes of most gen Z. Whether you choose to have a simple, or extravagant ceremony, there’s that perfect dress for you that will make you feel confident and amazing on your special day.

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