The 5 Flattering New Sportswear for 2023

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If you’ve seen celebrities flaunting their sportswear on social media or if your friends have started to wear them, you certainly already know that good shapewear is beautiful and seems to make you slimmer, but maybe you’re still wondering why of all this euphoria.

Some people love using Body Shapers because they do so much more than just slimming them down for that Instagram pose. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised when they discover unexpected results from our most popular Shapewear Belts. If you’re trying to decide whether to give shapewear a try, consider these 5 benefits of wearing shapewear, plus we’ve introduced 5 models of sportswear and shapewear.

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1. Immediate slimming results

When you put on a Body Shaper that is ideal for your body shape, you will see results immediately and every time you wear the garment. You’ll notice an hourglass curve at your waist that compresses your upper abdomen and prevents your belly from getting taut. If you take measurements, you will notice that you will have slimmed down up to 4 mannequins in pants instantly.

For that reason, quality wholesale waist trainers can be worn under clothes for special occasions, as they can help you effortlessly fit into tight dresses, pants and skirts, and best of all, without looking like you’re wearing anything at all under the clothes every body type benefits from having a more defined waist.

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2. Improved Exercises

It’s a great idea to use a sportswear to get the best results when doing your physical exercises. The Waist Trainer should not take the place of your abs exercises; instead, they should complement each other.

A Waist Trainer can be an indispensable part of your wardrobe as it is designed to provide firm compression during your training and will help you sweat more for a more effective workout.

A good sportswear is made with Premium fabric that encourages thermal activity, literally increasing your natural body heat. This causes you to sweat more in the areas you’re trying to lose weight – so you’re getting more out of your workout without the extra effort.

Some women prefer to use the Modeling Belt exclusively for exercising. In fact, our Waist Trainers are beautiful, selfie-worthy, ideal for this purpose and must be shown off!

Wearing a Waist Trainer can complement an extensive number of workouts, including but not limited to running, walking, racquet sports, aerobics, circuit training and strength training. It is highly recommended that you incorporate strength-building exercises for your entire body, but especially for your abs.

Using the Waist Trainer for training is great on its own, but if you want to combine it with a balanced diet every day, we recommend that you also use your favorite sport suit women for the best results and to keep your body in shape.

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3. An aid to your long-term weight loss goals

Many people use Waist Trainer to complement their other weight loss goals. And because of the stimulating properties of heat, the more you use your styler, the more you’ll know your efforts are working. For the best results, we recommend that you also purchase appropriate training clothes, such as the set above, in addition to looking good, it will remind you that you need to use them for training.

If you’re new to using sportswear and workout clothes, we recommend starting slowly. Use the Waist Trainer for just an hour or two the first few days, then slowly wear it a little longer each day. You can take a mid-day break if needed, or even take a day off. But stay focused and be consistent. After 2-3 weeks, it will feel completely natural to wear your Waist Trainer for 8 hours every day.

And if you’ve had an aesthetic surgical procedure, it’s also recommended to use post op shapewear, so that your body has a great evolution.

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4. Corrected and More Confident Posture

One of the unexpected benefits of using the Waist Trainer is improving your posture. It’s something many of our customers have been pleasantly surprised to discover, and it’s one of their favorite benefits. Professional women who sit at a desk all day tend to hunch over, which puts a lot of strain on their backs. When using the Waist Trainer, the compression forces condition you to sit up straighter and thus provide more posture support.

Correct posture is good news for your back, but that’s not the only benefit. You’ll look and feel more confident simply by the way you feel your waistline. It’s a look of confidence. Naturally, you can send a powerful message just by standing a little taller.

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5. Motivation for a healthier lifestyle

Sometimes one of the biggest obstacles to losing weight or getting healthy is the motivation to get started and keep going. Maintaining a healthy diet and hitting the gym day in and day out can be hard to keep up with, especially if you hit a hurdle or plateau in your progress.

That’s where your Waist Trainer can really benefit you – keeping you moving. Many of our clients have stated that they did not initiate healthy lifestyle changes when they first started using the Waist Trainer, but once they had a vision of what their bodies would look like, they would be more motivated to stick with it.

It’s hard to make big changes to your lifestyle, but the beginning is simply to do something. And that leads to other changes, until you discover that being healthy is just a part of who you are. Waist Trainer is just one piece of the puzzle, but for many women it has been just what they needed to get started and get the body they dream of.

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