How to Wear Belts of Different Colors

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Belts can be the final sartorial touch, far from being purely utilitarian, that completes and polishes your total look. The addition of a belt may be the equivalent of the end of a sentence adding a period. Additionally, they can add shape and help to enhance the fit of the garment. There are variables and elements that come into play, of course, like every other piece, to effectively pull off and incorporate a belt into your look. Here’s my guide to wearing belts and looking incredible in them. Belts Forms. When it comes to finding out which one to use for specific occasions and whether a certain belt style will fit your personal style and body shape, being knowledgeable about the types of belts available will help prepare you. Knowing the belt lingo would also make shopping and finding just what you’re searching for simpler for you.

Classical. The classic belt is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, whether it comes in black or brown. A flexible piece that exceeds its practicality is this belt. With a compact style and buckle, this belt’s versatility makes it adaptable to a number of occasions. This belt will add gloss to your office separates and your jeans when it is in high quality leather. Don’t stop there, though; why not try a few bright colored belts? They are the ideal alternative for a mainly monochromatic look or pep up your LBD. Go to the neon belts and add some youthful vigor to the traditional looks and a dose of trendy cool. Match one accessory, such as a purse or scarf, to the color of your belt if you’re ready to get noticed. The metallic belt is the next step upwards. They are as versatile and easy to dress in finishes like gold and silver as the typical neutrals, such as nude, navy, black, and white. If you want to add glitter to your look, go for a metallic belt and watch the glam shine through instantly.

The flexibility of this piece remains constant, whether you select a skinny or large metallic belt. Buying a belt with a metallic piece on the front is a fashionable and of-the-moment take on this belt; this sort of metal belt provides the overall look with more structure.

Braided / Woven

The woven / braided leather belt, usually a boho piece, has crossed over to more conventional designs. Given its earthy-style connotations, leather is the normal material of choice for this form of belt. The ease with which this belt can be modeled, however, has made it an easy choice for fashionistas to cross over even their preppy looks into style. In my opinion, when worn over flowing tunic tops and maxi dresses as well as more polished pieces such as pencil skirts and sheath dresses, this belt looks best. Trend up with no conventional belting on your belt.

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