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Shapewear is your tiny, little secret, hidden underneath the clothes. Despite its lightweight nature and a seamless fit, shapewear fulfills a very important mission. Shapewear supports and smoothes your body, making your figure appear flawlessly beautiful and airbrushed. Of course, there are a whole bunch of wholesale body shapers available on the market. So, let’s take a look at the most famous variants among fashionistas.

Regular Bodysuit

Bodysuit or full body shaper is essential shapewear, that works on a few different body areas at one time. Usually, it has detachable and adjustable straps, which you can remove for a seamless fir underneath a shoulderless attire. It lifts your bust and buttocks area, shapes the waist, and enhances the curves of the thigh area. For extra convenience and fast reach, the bodysuit has special hooks in the groin area.

Bodysuit with Sleeves

The next piece is very similar to the regular shaping bodysuit, but it has sleeves to shape and flatter unwanted volume on the arms. Such a suit can be worn underneath a dress with long and tight sleeves, or underneath a tight sweater. The bottom part can vary from thongs and briefs to comfy shorts or even leggings.

Waist & Thigh Trainer

Waist and thigh trainer is one of our favorite shapewear, suitable no only for regular wear, but also for active workout sessions. It is usually made of 100% neoprene lining ‒ a unique material that creates a thermogenic reaction, that makes your body produce sweat. The upper part straps onto your waist area, while the straps on the bottom go between the legs and around your thighs. Such fastening makes the trainer tight and comfortable for wearing during workouts.

A must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe, whether you are into fashion or not, is slimming high waist panties. They are going to be your invisible helping hand, hiding underneath even the tightest clothing. Pick one of these gems at Feelingirldress Black Friday on sale and sculpt your curves, stomach, and thighs with seamless support.

And, of course, the lists wouldn’t be complete without men shapewear, because not only women can sculpt their figures. Of course, there is different men’s shapewear, but let’s take this shirt shaper as an example. This slimming shirt isn’t only improving the overall appearance of your chest, stomach, and arms, but also transforms your physique. You can wear underneath a t-shirt, or sweater to look slimmer and stronger.

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