How to Wear a Sexy Camisole

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Cami the NEW.

It isn’t just a piece of layering. Perhaps when you think of a cami, you think of a tailored undergarment that keeps you warm in winter, don’t you? Or the kind which holds the top of the muffin in check. Or, even the lace of the 1980s, 90s, and satin body-skimming kind that I’ve persuaded thousands of customers over the years to give away. That was the old cami, and I’m dreaming about the new cami right now, and diggin ‘it!! In fact, a few weeks ago, when I was shopping for customers, I picked up about a dozen or so of them for different people. Yup, they’re so current, so flexible!

Wear them as a layering piece on their own, OR. Yep, you got it correctly … because the cami laws have changed, you CAN wear them on your own.

NEW Camis Wearing Rules:

Well. Rule 1.

Cami’s are now being made to be worn as a layering item or alone. In all the right areas, the cami ‘s latest boxy cut makes for slouch and looseness. Tuck it into a wide-leg pant with a high waist, and blouse it out for a sexy one. I just put it on, look. Or, top it off for a more polished look with a sweater. But note, these new shirts are slightly loose and boxy. DO NOT WEAR all of the super tight kind alone. It is a no-no! You don’t want to offer PTSD to individuals in the supermarket!

Rule 2.

Cami’s are a lot easier to wear these days. You don’t have to think about the “kids” being sponsored, or the discomfort of a strapless bra. And, above all, since the last time the cami was in style, bra technology has come a long way. Furthermore, wearing a lacey bralette or bandeau and even letting a bit peek through is perfectly appropriate. If you’re concerned that your latest cami will have side effects? (That’s the fat on the back that hangs over your bra.) Try a bra that’s soft. They’re doing wonders.

Rule 3.

You may wear casual or dressy shirts now. They were made of satin and lace, which looked dressy at the time, the last time the cami was’ in’. That’s no longer the case, though. On a hot summer day, a light linen cami on with a pair of distressed girlfriend jeans and a sandal looks fantastic. For example, on a Saturday night, a silk cami with statement earrings and an awesome shoe will become your go-to summer Saturday night, promise!

Rule 4.

With everything under it, you can cover a camis like a tissue turtleneck. It takes the whole corset over a blouse, a fashion-forward look, and in real life which makes it much more wearable!

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