How to Dress Like a Spice Girl in a Millennial World

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Whether you sported adolescent pigtails to channel Baby Spice, much like Blake Lively, or you were insistent that everything be “posh,” there’s no denying the Spice Girls’ effect on our coming-of-age dressing. They introduced wearable personas, encouraged platform trainers, and played chameleons of style, as we mimicked with ’90s sportswear, dark lips, and low waists. Any true Spice Girls fan will admit that their urge to mirror these iconic idols is still in there, somewhere.Reformation Mini Dress on Sale

In the interest of helping you do so, we’ve matched five iconic outfits with modern day equivalents, aiding you in dressing like your favorite spice in a millennial world. Read on to spice up your life — and your wardrobe. We like to call her Miss “Gen Z.”

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