Fashion-Forward Items To Buy From Prime Day Before Midnight

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It’s mega-sale season and I am forever guilty of “the FOMO buy.” You know, when you dig (and dig and dig) and fail to find anything you actually want, so you just buy something you only kind-of like? Yeah. When it comes to Amazon Prime Day, however, it’s hard to NOT find something you love, considering the site boasts a bounty of pieces you might have had saved from other retailers. It’s a wonderful feeling to find something you’ve been wanting to buy on Amazon — it’s even better to get it on super-sale.

While doing some digging of our own, we were delighted to spot a few of our favorite brands not just on Amazon, but deeply-discounted for Prime Day. So besides stocking up on your favorite jams and cushy toilet paper, go out and get those shoes you’ve been eyeing and the dress you didn’t know you wanted. Ahead, click through for 13 of Prime Day’s can’t-miss hidden fashion gems, because as it turns out, Amazon is a secret style destination. You just have to know where to look.

There’s a lot of product out there, some would say too much. No doubt this has left you with an overwhelming set of questions about the latest must-haves. Luckily we’ve got answers. At Refinery29 we are here to help you navigate this epic world of stuff. All of our editorial market is independently selected and curated by the team. But if you buy something we link to on our site Refinery29 may earn commission.

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