Choosing the Right Shapewear For Your Body Shape

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If you want to look sleeker in your outfit, you would need a foundation undergarment in the form of shapewear. While shapewear is not a must for dressing well, a good pair of shaper pants or a bodysuit can help to make you feel better when you are donning your favorite dress and also helps to boost your confidence.

When buying shapewear, it is important to choose the correct size, style, and fit to avoid rolls and also the feeling of being squeezed. If you have not worn any shapewear before but are interested in jumping onto this bandwagon, how do you choose the right one? Don’t worry because this guide is going to show you how to choose the right and best shapewear for your body shape.

How To Choose The Right Shapewear For Your Body Type

Some women put on shapewear for special outfits or for a formal event like a wedding while others want to wear them every day. No matter if you want to wear yours with jeans and a T-shirt or evening wear, it is all up to you.  There are many different types of shapewear depending on the outfit you are going to wear and the type of control you are looking for.

What Results Are You Looking For?

Before you add the shapewear to your cart, ask yourself what do want from the shapewear? This will influence the type and style you choose. Shapewear also comes with different levels of control as follows:-

Light Control: This is the lightest control level and is ideal for smoothing out a few bulges for a more comfortable fit. These shapewear pieces are best for everyday wear as well as smoothing out trouble areas when you need a little boost in confidence.

Medium Control: The middle control level will pull in more and accentuate natural curves.  Shapewear is made from stretchable fabrics and this means that it can move with your body while still giving a smoother and curvier silhouette.

Firm Control: This is the highest level of control and shapewear that offers firm control are one that you can reach for when you want something for special occasions. The extra firm shapewear offers extreme contouring and smoothing. This control level is great for formal clothes such as evening gowns and wedding dresses.

Shapewear For Different Areas Of Enhancement 

The next step is to know which areas you want to accentuate. Everyone has their favorite and not-so-favorite areas of the body.

Whole Body

If you find it hard to just pick one area, then perhaps you want something that offers an all-over shaping effect.  A sleek body is what many women dream about and if this is what you want, you may want to try something like a full bodysuit below.  This All Day Invisible Bodysuit features wide adjustable straps and high elastic mesh on the bust area to suit different bust types.  It also has a hook and eye closure for bathroom convenience.


If you struggle with a flabby belly, back fat, or waist, you can opt for high-waisted shaper pants or waist trainers. These shapers offer firmer tummy control to discreetly shape your tummy and cinch your waist. This invisible wrap waist trainer can flatten the tummy, reduce the waistline, and supports the back to improve posture.  The straps can be adjusted for tightness control.  This waist trainer can be worn on daily basis or during workouts to stimulate perspiration on the core.


If you are looking to give your derriere a lift, the best option is to get butt lifter shorts. These shaper pieces are designed to enhance the shape and lift the buttocks while firming the tummy. Butt lifters work because the compression material they are made from will lift the rear end and give them a perkier and more rounded appearance.  This mid-length butt lifter shaping short will cinch the waist, firm the tummy and slim the thighs. It features 4 spiral steel bones to prevent rolling and also conceal the panty lines.


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