The Item I Wear to Death: Veronica Beard’s ‘Sierra’ Dress

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Getting dressed in the morning is always stressful for me. Nearly every day I stand in front of my closet wondering how I could possibly own nothing to wear, when there are so many things hanging there. Inevitably, I rotate through a few of the same, trusty items, one of which is Veronica Beard’s Sierra dress.

This button-up, tie-front nice fashion dresses is the perfect one-and-done, don’t-think-too-hard (honestly who wants to think in the morning unless it’s about coffee or The Rock?) outfit that looks cute and professional and all the right things. Because of all this, I end up wearing the Sierra dress to work at least once a week. I bought it nearly a year ago and, unfortunately, I have almost worn it to death. Actually, it’s died and I’m still wearing it regardless.

When I first got this sucker it had pretty (and very flattering!) pleats across skirt where it buttoned. I held out on dry cleaning it as long as possible knowing no magically fitting garment fits quite as magically after it’s washed, but eventually I gave in (I wear it once a week, I’m not a monster!), and poof, the perfect pleats were cleaned right out of it. Nevertheless, the pleatless nice fashion dresses is still a life-saver on a weekly basis.

The other key factor of this nice fashion dresses is that I’m comfortable in it—basically, I think it looks good on my bod. I have learned that Veronica Beard is a brand that fits me well—it cinches in the right places and lays neatly in all the others (also, pleats can be truly wonderful things)—so I own a second, similar VB dress that’s also a go-to: This one is sleeveless, striped, and slightly fancier, but it does the same job of giving me a boost of confidence and saving me from a morning meltdown when I pull it out of the closet. In fact, the only photos I could find of myself wearing either dress were pics I have with celebrities (#humblebrag), because both were situations where I wanted wanted to look nice.

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