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Navy Rainier Mock-Neck Zip-Up Puffer Vest

We still inquire about their conundrum parts when we first meet with a customer. And recently, for quite a few buyers, the vest seems to be the culprit of misunderstanding. As we call it, a conundrum piece is one of those pieces where you say “how am I supposed to wear this” or “what am I supposed to do with this” each time you put it on it. Yeah, and we’re not talking about a sporty sort of Eddie Bauer fly fishing vest, by the way. There’s a place for them, but today that isn’t the issue.

Eggshell Faux-Fur Hooded Pocket Vest – Women

A longer wool / cashmere, jumper, or fur vest is what we’re talking about. And how to wear them for an effortless design challenge. But it’s not as straightforward to respond as a simple description. More of a visual thing, it is. So, instead of giving a quick response, we give some inspiration for a fast style and how to do it. Print it out for the next time your beloved vest causes you anxiety, and hang it in your wardrobe. Or better yet, bookmark this page and, again and again, come back to it.

White Distressed Denim Vest – Women

The optimal transitional piece is vests or sleeveless blazers. Well, we may be in the depths of winter right now, but soon, those daffodils are going to bloom and we’re all going to search for transitional clothes to get us through March , April, and May. Vests make an extra layer, but without all the bulk of a traditional cardigan or blazer, so for those “in-between” seasons we all struggle with, they are perfect.

The best thing about wearing a vest is that it offers a jacket’s finish to your outfit but without the heat (no arms) or a traditional blazer’s limitations. And visually, the vests are super stretchy, and what girl doesn’t want that?

Dark Gray Plaid Drape-Front Vest – Women

Why vests may be a challenge . If you put a woven button under a vest, it may feel like a uniform. If you put a tight metallic t-shirt of the Michael Stars kind under, the outfit will feel like 90’s, and when a short sleeve top is added under a vest, the lines battle with each other.

Long Vest Women

Try these suggestions for the vest outfit instead. Try a jumper with a few slouches and skinnies instead of the tailored long sleeve T-shirt. Under the fur vests, try drapey silk style blouses. This fits with jeans or wider leg bottoms for a boyfriend. Give new life to your fuzzy vest by positioning it over a pea coat. If you are on the edgy side, layer your vest over a leather jacket. Wear it over a column of color, dressy. Over a shirt, a vest looks truly cool and surprising and adds the final touch. Wear it strapped for a cinched look over your favorite pants at your real waist. A t-shirt cap sleeve (completely different from a short sleeve) and a printed pair of pants breathe life into a sturdy vest you’ve worn all winter long. You can easily make your favorite vest a favorite 4-season vest.

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