Saturated Knits Are the Most Fun Way to Dress During Changing Seasons

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The phrase fall fashion conjures up imagery of cozy sweaters, tailored military jackets and structured boots—all in a pared-down palette of olive greens, creamy camels, rich browns and charcoal grays, of course. Autumnal looks are a far cry from the styles that pervade the summer: breezy silhouettes, flimsy fabrics and woven shoes.

The thing is, though the line between summer and fall fashion is easy to draw, the weather isn’t quite as clear-cut. Sunny days bleed into September—even October. And breezy days creep into August. Autumn or not, you
can’t really wear your favorite military jacket when it’s 80 degrees out, and you certainly don’t want to step out in sandals on a chillier late-August day.

In transitional times like these, it’s easiest to abandon your most fashionable impulses and stick with your most practical ones. But the two shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive, should they?

Lucky for us, myriad brands have taken a fun and somewhat innovative approach to the changing seasons, offering tons of transitional knits in saturated shades of blue-violet, neon green, bright orange and more.

Right now, your sweater setup probably resembles a pile of autumn leaves more than anything else (at least, as far as color scheme goes). But after a quick seasonal visit to some of your favorite retailers, your transitional wardrobe will look punchier and more vibrant than ever. If cool autumnal breezes are going to pervade the end of summer, why can’t summer’s favorite colors pervade the beginning of fall?

If it wasn’t apparent, we’re huge proponents of the hyper-saturated knits movement—so much so that we’ve taken the liberty of pulling the 17 prettiest vibrant transitional pieces we could find.

Here, you’ll find cropped sweaters, short-sleeve turtlenecks and a whole host of other styles that are perfect for days when your calendar says one thing and your weather app says another.

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