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Women are generally concerned about fat accumulation in several areas, such as the cheeks, abdomen, arms, or thighs. But like the parts mentioned earlier, the back can also be a place to accumulate fat. Usually, when you wear tight clothes and see creases in the back area, that’s when you start to notice and worry about this terrible problem. Back fat can definitely ruin your appearance, and it will be more obvious when you wear a dress that fits your body. It’s really unsightly, isn’t it?

There are several things that can cause the accumulation of fat on the back, it could be due to genetic factors, the wrong diet, and lifestyle. Also, some bad habits, such as lack of exercise, stooped posture, and consumption of foods or drinks that are high in sugar can make your back look fatter.

AirSlim® Barely-There Feels One-Piece Bodysuit

AirSlim® Barely-There Feels One-Piece Bodysuit

Back fat problems can be overcome by changing diet, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and exercising regularly. But besides all that, of course, there is the most practical and easy shortcut, wearing the right body shaper or shapewear undergarments.

Wearing shapewear to get a perfect silhouette is common knowledge among women. Shapewear helps you get a charming hourglass body in an instant. It can hide excess fat well, including back fat. Read and follow the simple guidelines below so that shapewear will work more effectively to hide your back fat!


Choosing The Right Design For Perfect Results

AirSlim® Extreme Body Shaper

AirSlim® Extreme Body Shaper

Shapewear is a tight garment that is designed to compress and hide fat well, so your body will be reshaped with a more ideal and gorgeous curve. Shapewear can smooth out your body lines and create a bulge-free look in the areas it covers.

Fat can accumulate in different areas, such as the stomach, thighs, and back, hence shapewear comes in various designs that you can choose according to what your body needs. If you want to hide back fat optimally, choose shapewear that can wrap around your entire back well, such as a full bodysuit or waist trainer vest. By wearing the right shapewear, the back fat will be perfectly hidden and you can wear your tight dresses smoothly and neatly.


Selecting The Appropriate Compression Level For The Sculpting Effect

AirSlim® 2.0 Smooth Wrap & Hourglass Shapewear

AirSlim® 2.0 Smooth Wrap & Hourglass Shapewear

All shapewear is designed to provide firm pressure to your body when it is worn. The compression of the shapewear pushes and moves the fat into the desired position, so your figure looks slimmer.

In general, shapewear compression is divided into three levels: high, moderate, and low. To support your back, you can choose any compression level considering your body’s comfort. A high level of compression can give a significant slimming effect, but it will also hug you tighter so you shouldn’t wear it for more than 5 hours per day. If you need back support all day long, reducing the compression level to medium or low is the best option for your comfort.


Wearing The Right Size To Boost Effectiveness

AirSlim® Lace Zipper Open Bust Shapewear

The best shapewear for tummy and waist will also support your back well. But to make it work effectively, you need to choose a size that really fits your body. Skin and fat will be pushed and sticking out to the side if you wear shapewear that is too small, while those that are too big don’t provide good compression and can easily wrinkle or fold under your clothes. Both are really uncomfortable to wear.

Shapewear with the right size will hug your body tightly but still feel soft and comfortable. This allows shapewear to deliver optimal compression to hide fat and transform your curves into a smooth, defined silhouette.

Choose High-Quality Materials For More Confidence

PowerConceal™ Open Bust Bodysuit With Sculpting Panels

PowerConceal™ Open Bust Bodysuit With Sculpting Panels

Choosing a shapewear material is crucial because it will cover your entire back. As you know, your back can sweat when you do a lot of activities throughout the day. Covering it with a tight undergarment might make your back more sultry. So, make sure you choose shapewear that is made of breathable and lightweight material to maintain good airflow as long as it sticks to your skin.

The best shapewear brands usually also embed anti-odor and anti-bacterial features in their products. The anti-odor feature will keep the shapewear comfortable and reduce the smell of sweat, so you can wear it with confidence. Meanwhile, the anti-bacterial feature will prevent your skin from allergies and itching even though you are active throughout the day.


Wear Waist Trainer Vest When Workout To Reduce Back Fat

NeoSweat® Firm Compression Sport Waist Trainer Vest

Believe it or not, in fact, shapewear can not only hide back fat but also help reduce it.

Physical exercises such as back extensions, lat pulldowns, and rowing are mostly done to get rid of back fat. When doing your exercise, wear a waist trainer vest to maximize the results. This shapewear will maintain your posture, prevent the risk of injury and help reduce excess fat more effectively through its compression and fat-burning features. Waist trainers can also help strengthen your abdominal, pelvic and back muscles to tone your body and make your figure look younger.

It’s easier to find tummy control shapewear than back fat control shapewear, but you need to know that any shapewear that covers your back can actually hide your back fat very well to create a slim and smooth look. This is another proof that shapewear is versatile undergarments to instantly enhance your look. You really should have it now!

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