8 Doable Tips to Keep your Home Spotless Even with Kids and Pets

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Keeping a home in tiptop shape is more complex than anyone has ever thought. Since there are constant movements around the house, cleaning seems like an endless chore.

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As much as we all love to have a spotless home, it almost seems impossible if you have kids or pets always messing things around.


This is why I am sharing these eight doable tips to keep your home clean and your family happy.


Storage bins are a lot helpful then than you would think. Have a storage bin for specific items.

For example, dog toys should only go in one bin or one storage box. If you have kids, then each kid should have their storage box containing all of their toys so that when they’re done playing, you can teach them to put their toys to get to their respective storage boxes.

There are also adorable storage bins or baskets that you can find online, especially on Amazon. In addition, you can look up storage ideas on Pinterest if you also want to label your storage baskets or bins.



No matter how well behaved your child or pet is near bound to ruin or mess something up. Couches and beds are some of the most challenging furniture to clean, especially if your dog or child peas on them or worse, they chew the foam.


That is why it’s essential to get high-quality so far bed covers so that even if your kid or your dog peas on top of it, you can wash the covers and put them back on. You can also get waterproof covers so that you can avoid those nasty smelling sofa and mattresses.


You don’t want to spend a whole day cleaning every corner of the house you also want to have some time for yourself. For example, in the morning, you can set a schedule to dust the walls and windows. Then you can move on to vacuuming the floor and making breakfast.  You can also assign the members of your family to have their chores so that you’re not swamped with so much stuff to do that you barely have time to do anything.


There isn’t anything complicated for you to do if you try just enough. You can gently teach her kids about the dues and don’ts around the house so that you won’t have a hard time cleaning walls that were drawn on by your kids or bathroom products they shouldn’t have touched. Talking with your kids, especially if they’re a little bit older, can help keep the home clean all the time.


You can also train your dog to pee and poop in the right places so that they wouldn’t mess up the house and cause chaos. If you’re unsure how to train a dog, you can get many dog training videos on YouTube, or you can even get a personal dog trainer.


Maintaining peace and calmness around the home by keeping it clean will also be good for your mental health.

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You don’t have to do all things all at once. It`s why it’s essential for you to have a set schedule or a cleaning line so that you know what you do in the morning, in the afternoon at night or this day.


Pick things up when you see a mess so that it won’t become a massive pile of chaos.

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If you’re already feeling stressed out, then you don’t feel like cleaning your home, then take a deep breath, drink water are your favourite drink and rest on the couch for just a few moments cleaning your house should be something fun and something that you enjoy because you have a home that you’re cleaning and taking care of

Find joy in cleaning. Don’t you find it relaxing and fun when you see those dirty it’s getting wiped off the countertops and tables? You can even go on YouTube or TikTok and find videos of people doing ASMR cleaning, which might inspire you to enjoy cleaning even if you don’t want to.

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It will also motivate you if you try to decorate your home the best way you can. This way, you are more inspired to keep a house tidy, not just for the sake of keeping it clean but also for aesthetics.

Having a friendly and organized home is always a sight to see. Isn’t it relaxing to move around a house that’s clean and well decorated? It’s even inspiring to do better at work or school if the home looks at its best.

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