How To Match Colorful Eyeshadow Palette

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Whether you have brown, blue, gray, green, hazel, or amber, you can make them sparkle with the right combination of the eyeshadow palette. The coordinating colors can be descriptive and influential. A dab of bright eyeshadow on your lids will change your style and portray your mindset from the daytime neutral hues and nighttime smoky and sultry shades.

Putting a color combination together can be pretty challenging. It would be better if the right eyeshadow suited your eye color. Read on to learn which colors, finishes, and combinations work best for your eyes. 

Make your gray eyes pop

Make your grey eyes light up by adding colors like purple, red, or violet around your iris. This eye color is unique and stunning. Let them shine with bold shades.

Complimentary colors for hues of green and hazel eyes

This style of eyes is natural to make up because they’re complicated and look like brown melds with the gold-brightened green. The colors blend until, under some conditions, they become separate. Verdant shades of green lights are the perfect eyeshadow.

Best eyeshadow for your blue eyes

These eyes might be a recessive trait, but they deserve to be your dominant feature. Believe it or not, the eyes match perfectly well with blue eyeshadow. For a flattering look, soft matte shades of beige and brown tend to be the best.

Versatile eyeshadow for the brown eyes

For a soft matte finish, the warm rust eyeshadow makes the brown eyes pop. Although purple distinguishes the brown eyes, it is also the most universally flattering eyeshadow color to wear because it goes well with every hair, eye, and skin tone.

Fantastic shade for amber eyes

Amber is a golden-yellow solid and very rare. Colors of purple and plum look exquisite on amber eyes, as they offer a smokey feel. 

When you have the right color of your eyeshadow, you go to the critical step of wearing it. You need to understand how to apply the eye makeup correctly, or you’ll ruin everything. Mix the colors well, and you can experiment with other eyeshadow styles such as glitter halos, smokey eye, and cut creases after learning the basics.

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