How to Apply Blush?

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The blush is one of the most vital beauty products for women out there in the market. There are many women out there who dismiss blush just as an add-on product and they couldn’t be more wrong. Just some swipes of the blush and it can make your complexion and skin tone look a lot more healthier and skin will start looking a lot more youthful as well as energetic. The blush adds a touch of glow to your skin which the highlighter and bronzer can’t match. It requires skill and proper knowledge to apply the blush on your face effectively.

Getting a long-lasting and pretty glow on your face is possible even if your skin is dry, naturally oily, or just sweaty. All you need to know is the right tips and ways to apply the blush efficiently on your face.

Steps for applying the blush

1) Preparing your skin the right way: For the blush to blend naturally into your skin, first and foremost you must moisturize and wash your face clean. Oily or dry skin doesn’t go well with the makeup which is why keeping the skin exfoliated, healthy, supple and clean allows the makeup to blend seamlessly with your face. you can use the makeup primer that helps in preparing the skin and provides a no-slip canvas for making the makeup last the whole day.

2) Picking a shade to go with your skin tone: A blush shade that works for one woman may not necessarily work for another and vice versa. This is why you must  choose the shade that suits your skin tone and flatters the complexion of your skin. The key lies in choosing the shade based on the flush on your cheeks.

3) Picking the right brush: It is vital that you have the right blush brush type that will apply the blush efficiently and seamlessly without over-saturating the application. The brush should be natural and soft which will conveniently diffuse colors onto your skin. A brush that is too tight can overload the product which will have an impact on how your skin tone blends with the blush. This is why you must go with a soft brush that provide pretty coloring payoff and is still strong enough to make the necessary impact and difference.

4) Applying the blush: The blush is meant for strategically accentuating the face which means that the bone structure of your face needs to be considered before you apply the blush. When you are applying the blush you must understand color payoff of the specific blushes. Also its important that you must avoid smiling when you are applying the blush because if you do so your cheeks might look saggy when you are not smiling. This helps in giving the sun-kissed look and gives finishing touches to the effect of blush.

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